Numerology Readings

An elegant way of shortcutting the hours of self-reflection work to connect you with your purpose in life.

 Tantric Numerology is an ancient art that has its roots in ancient yogic and Tantric teachings.

It analyses your energy bodies and highlights what is happening in your underlying energy. Your energy is the foundation of your everything. Understanding this provides a solid foundation from which to move forward with mindset and strategy work.

Do you know that we are made up of 11 energy bodies?

I am sure you have heard of your physical body and your aura – those are just 2 of them.

Developed by the Gurus to simply uncover one’s purpose in life, Numerology gives you the answers to your WHAT and WHY and HOW unravelling your life blueprint.

In a numerology strategy session, I analyse your birth date to highlight to you your purpose, strengths and challenge areas to be mastered by you as you walk your path in life. 

 I then combine my psychology, commercial and coaching experience to implement an action plan so that you can take the knowledge gained from the session and practically implement it in order to achieve your goals.

During the session we will uncover the key questions of why am I here and what am I meant to be doing.

What you will gain from a Numerology Reading: 

Gain invaluable insights of HOW to achieve your life’s purpose by highlighting your strengths and challenge areas and show you HOW to master these.

Connect with your unique skills and gifts, and give yourself the permission to own these unashamedly – because they are encoded within you.

Learn your unique recipe for success in life. 

 Truly understanding their gifts has helped my clients:

✓ Prepare a CV, prepare for interview and get their dream job

✓ Prepare focused business plans & strategies

✓ Plan successful launches

Obtain clarity around goal structuring 

✓ Know where to focus their personal development work

✓ Improve their relationships and communication

✓ Gain clarity around issues causing self-sabotage

Numerology Reading

> 60 Minute Numerology Strategy Session

> Audio recording of our session

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VIP Numerology Reading

> 60 Minute Numerology Strategy Session

> Audio recording of our session

> Written report following our session


Whatever your goals right now, I highly recommend Gina for a numerology strategy session. Any scepticism I had quickly disappeared as she revealed my deepest darkness weaknesses, things I barely admit to myself, and focused on the strengths I can use to overcome them. I feel strong, powerful, and confident. Gina has helped me harness my inner strength and unleash my power. Thank you so much!

Krissie used the information obtained from our session and practically applied it to her job interview where she successfully got the role – and during lock down! See the message below:

A little morning update to make you smile – I got the job I wanted!Thank you so much for your amazing guidance. I know I did better in my interview because of our session and because of how much confidence and positive energy you helped me unleash. Getting a job in lock down was always going to be super hard so I am really proud of myself. Thank you so much – you really helped me xxx

Krissie Chapleo

Customer Experience Operations Manager ,