Gina is an extremely gifted business coach. She was able to see by blind spots and coach me to clarification when I felt stuck and confused. I am so grateful to have chosen Gina to help me get clear on my systems & packages. If you are looking for a masterful & reliable coach who genuinely cares about your success just as much as you do then Gina is the right coach for you. Thank you Gina for being the amazing, insightful & dependable coach who truly stands by her word. You are a genius!
Anj Lal

Linkedin Expert & Coach

Gina is a total ray of sunshine, which, combined with her determination to empower women, makes for a truly inspirational coach. I knew that the RBS and Coutts Women’s Networks were in for a treat when Gina agreed to deliver a workshop on the “Secrets of a Success Mindset” and unsurprisingly the interest for this event was unprecedented. Gina’s career across a number of top-tier law firms certainly provides the perfect foundation to her coaching, as she is able so easily to relate to the fears, barriers and realities that participants face in the corporate world, whilst at the same time is able to draw on her own experiences to assist in the over-coming of such. The feedback received has been fantastic and we hope to work with Gina again in the future. 

Charlotte Eyre

Senior Associate Private Banker, Coutts

Gina is a fabulous success coach. She will get you focused on your dreams, desires and goals and definitely wont let you off the hook by stepping into stories and beliefs that don’t serve you. If you want a coach who will lovingly support you but also keep you focused, on track and out of your own way, Gina is the coach for you
Karen Revell

Money, Business & Personal Coach

Gina delivered a wonderful workshop session to the RBS Women network on having a ‘Success Mindset’. Drawing on both neuroscientific research and a keen appreciation of the challenges that people face in the day to day working environment, the session challenged people’s beliefs in themselves and in their ambitions, providing practical tools to commence a metamorphosis. It was clear to all in the room that Gina is both experienced and knowledgeable and her confident and approachable delivery made the event a tremendous success for which we have received a lot of positive member feedback. Thank you Gina for delivering such an inspirational workshop!

Helena Thernstrom

Chair of the RBS Women Committee / Head of Legal Asset & Invoice Finance , Royal Bank of Scotland

I came across Gina at a pivotal time for me – I had taken over the family business as the sole employee and had my second baby on the way. I was getting to grips with a new way of working, trying to establish my personal brand and plot out a business plan whilst juggling mum guilt, pregnancy and imposter syndrome. Working with Gina over a 6 week period was illuminating and propelled me forwards in a really positive way. She pushed me out of my comfort zone through our discussions and gave me practical tools to work on my personal confidence and business goals. As a result I have developed a clear path forward for my business, made focused plans for achieving my life goals and can honestly say I’ve overcome the mum guilt and imposter syndrome. For the moments where it may pop up again, I now have the tools to work through it. I would highly recommend Gina to anyone looking to boost their career or life in general – she asks tough questions but gets amazing results and provides a kind, safe space in which to work towards achieving your goals.
Helen Shellabear

MRICS Director at Shellwin Limited

After Gina delivered one of the RBS Women’s Network’s best ever attended workshops at the end of 2019, we were desperate to get her back. Gina is oozing with positivity and her energy is truly contagious, so no surprises why there was such popular demand for her return. During the lock down period, and in light of the world changing around us, Gina put together three extremely thought-provoking and engaging sessions via Zoom to help steer us through these unprecedented days. Her workshops drew well over 200 attendees per session! A record turnout. Gina’s mindset tools are really powerful. She teaches us how to lead with confidence, resilience, integrity and authenticity; how to connect with our purpose; overcome fear, self- doubt and imposter syndrome and how to reset personal goals in these ambiguous times. Her contribution to the Network during these strange times has been invaluable – thank you Gina. We all take so much away from her sessions and we are looking forward to working with her again in the near future. She is just the best coach!


Royal Bank of Scotland Women's Network

I run a network for young women in the city and couldn’t have been happier when Gina agreed to conduct a workshop on overcoming imposter syndrome during International Women’s Week. Gina brings to her work such energy, positivity and inspiration, and the feedback I’ve received was absolutely fantastic. Gina draws on both spiritual and scientific research to tie it all together and her own experience meant she could easily relate to a lot of the barriers and fears that the women in my network have experienced, and continue to experience, in the corporate world. She provided us with some very valuable tools to help reframe the negative thoughts we maintain and challenge our existing beliefs. Gina is a real inspiration and I couldn’t recommend her more highly!

Francesca Smith

Founder, iBio Women's Network

Generally, I am pretty good at keeping my life together and I consider myself a fairly level headed but after a rough professional patch over Easter, I was struggling to find direction and seriously lacking in confidence and self believe. I happened to sign up to a talk that Gina was giving and felt a sense of realism and approachability that hit home for me. Gina’s approach is direct and no nonsense but at the same time, she makes you feel supported and validated. It has been fantastic to have a sounding board, someone who doesn’t judge but who challenges you to stretch for those goals that you should be setting yourself. Her depth of experience not only as a coach but also as a strong female executive means you are talking to an equal and someone who understands where you are coming from. I have appreciated being held accountable for my decisions. The pace and focus with which we have worked over the last three months has kept me moving forward, focusing on my businesses and my own development (rather than focusing on others which is so easy to do as a woman). If you are looking for someone to help you figure out your priorities and to move you forward, then I would highly recommend working with Gina. I have appreciated the humanity, the support and the upliftment and I look forward to staying in touch in the future.
Ella de Beer

Director at Electric Mayonnaise

I decided to work with Gina at a moment where I felt stuck in my career path. I knew I had fallen victim to limiting beliefs, but did not know how to push past – however, I could feel this was simply an obstacle that could be overcome with the right help.

I have known Gina for over 10 years, working in the same industry and having seen her advance in her career and grow as a specialist solicitor working for the biggest law firms in the world. I have always admired her infectious positive energy and can-do attitude to all life has thrown at her, and seen her turn all obstacles into successes. I wanted some of that for myself. 

Sharing her wisdom is something Gina has always done generously with the women around her, as a friend, but I wanted the full power of her expertise. Knowing that Gina has studied Experimental Psychology before her law studies gave me assurance that the service I would receive is rigorous and backed by science.

Gina is a fantastic coach, able to identify and understand issues, listen attentively and then challenge in a way that pushes one beyond what they thought possible. My biggest breakthrough has been controlling negative self-talk and turning it into positive self-talk. Realising that I have all the tools I need for my success within me has been incredibly empowering and something I continue to apply and benefit from after the end of our sessions. She gave me tools that continue to grow the more I use them. 

I recommend Gina wholeheartedly to anyone wishing to push past certain perceived barriers in their professional or personal lives. 


Maria Petrea

Senior In-house Legal Counsel, Leading financial institution serving the private sector and sustainable development

Gina delivered a great lunch and learn session for around 20 colleagues at the British Retail Consortium. Those who attended the session said they not only found it useful, but there were a number of key takeaways and practical suggestions on how to start work on those self-limiting beliefs. Although the session was just 45 minutes long it was high impact, high energy and really engaging. A great way to spend a lunchtime and with some real workable ideas to get us all thinking.
Kate Vukomanovic

Learning Services Manager at The British Retail Consortium

Whatever your goals right now, I highly recommend Gina for a numerology strategy session. Any scepticism I had quickly disappeared as she revealed my deepest darkness weaknesses, things I barely admit to myself, and focused on the strengths I can use to overcome them. I feel strong, powerful, and confident. Gina has helped me harness my inner strength and unleash my power. Thank you so much!

Krissie used the information obtained from our session and practically applied it to her job interview where she successfully got the role – and during lock down! See the message below:

A little morning update to make you smile – I got the job I wanted! Thank you so much for your amazing guidance. I know I did better in my interview because of our session and because of how much confidence and positive energy you helped me unleash. Getting a job in lock down was always going to be super hard so I am really proud of myself. Thank you so much – you really helped me xxx

Krissie Chapleo

Customer Experience Operations Manager, Tails.com

I worked with Gina while we were certifying in a wealth consciousness coaching program. Her pragmatic and practical approach priceless. But what makes her a rare find is her training and experience as a psychologist and lawyer. That perspective is deeper than you will find with most professionals and much more powerful. If you want to achieve results quickly while feeling supported and motivated, I highly recommend her.
Dana Mayer

Executive Coach

I came to Gina at challenging time for me.  I had partially stepped away from the business that I had been nurturing and growing for 10 years – my first baby –  as I had my real life baby and it was time to return to the post as leader after a 10 month semi – hiatus and maternity leave.  There had been struggles and challenges within the team during my time away, and it was clear that the team had lost some trust and confidence in my leadership.  I therefore had to regain the trust in the team, but first I needed help with my self-belief and confidence.  I worked with Gina over a 6- week period and I am eternally grateful for my transformation in such a short time.  Gina’s coaching enabled me to do all the inner work required so that I could step into my power as an authentic, respected and trusted leader.   Her guidance and practical advice on how to deal with the team, alleviate stress and issues, and have them come along with me again on my vision and journey for the business was invaluable. I cannot recommend her enough.  Especially, if you are in need of a much needed mindset boost prior to your return to work from maternity leave. Thank you Gina for your help and wisdom.


Owner, 7-Figure Events Company

I was recommend to do the Numerology from a good friend as it  had such a positive impact on them, To be honest I was a bit sceptical about the Numerology but that soon went away after we looked at details and it was absolutely spot on and even showed traits that I don’t really admit to myself!

Working with Gina was great I went from a one off session to five & then ten. Each week it was great to set time aside to focus on my personal development and have Gina on call via Voxer when the need arose! It put me out of my comfort zone in a good way and week after week I was seeing real personal progression on the target areas of that week!

I am so much more structured and mindful of areas that in the past may have slowed down my progress!

I would 100% recommend working with Gina and look forward to working with her again in the future!

 If you thinking about working with Gina just do it you won’t regret it


Nigel Cruttenden

Director , DataChapp Limited

Nicola came to me just before she moved employers and her aim was to put in place a strategy to implement her goal of becoming a Chief People Officer.  In her new job,  she was initially employed in the post of “People Director” but after 6 weeks after working together and with some strategic positioning and mindset work she got offered the next position up – of VP of People, moving her closer to the illustrious C-suite position!

She writes:

Thank you so much for being such an amazing coach and inspiring me to become the VP of People so soon. Your belief in me and support, wisdom and guidance was such a crucial part of my initial (and hopefully lasting) success at my new employer.  I now feel I have all the mindset tools I need to aim for the C-suite.  It has been a pleasure working with you.


People Director, Leading Global Recruitment Company

Numerology with Gina Blew my mind!

I didn’t know what to expect when having my first numerology reading with Gina, but I was so pleasantly surprised! She really hit the nail on the head with a lot of personal traits and aspects of my life. I have been guided by her notes and findings ever since. With her calming and beautiful presence, I learnt a lot about myself and the why behind a lot of the decisions I’ve been making! Highly recommend having a reading with Gina if you are looking for some direction and clarity in your life or even just a bit of positivity- she really is brilliant!

Ella Rose Morris

Personal Trainer, Model and Actress

I was first introduced to Gina by a mutual friend who recommended her as I was at a point in my life and career where I was feeling a little stuck.

Due to Covid 19 the majority of my work disappeared over night and like many I had moments of complete despair, not knowing what my next move was I experienced a whole host of unwanted past feelings and attachments that left me feeling unable to think clearly about my next steps and what the future looked like with this new landscape.

Having initially signed up for a Numerology reading via Zoom I was unsure of what to expect, but quickly and with ease Gina explained to me what my Numerology chart meant and how I can utilise my strengths and also recognise my weaknesses.

With a fully detailed plan and description, my follow up and in depth outline of what my chart meant has led to a better understanding of who I am and what I am capable of.

Two weeks later I attended a workshop at the private members club Allbright and again blown away by her teaching, I signed up instantly to a 6 week business course.

I am now on week 3 and my life has taken a dramatic turn, not only financially have I won new business, but I have won a new sense of freedom with being able to understand myself better and to manage my anxiety and stress.

I will forever feel grateful for Gina as I could not imagine what Quarter 3 and 4 would have looked like without her, it’s an investment in myself that I have never taken the time for before this and you will not regret taking that leap of faith.

Simon Michael Carroll

Talent Relations & Brand Strategists

Gina brought me back to my best at a time I felt I lost confidence in myself. Not only did she give me outstanding professional support on all aspects of my career progress but she also gave me unconditional advice and positivity when I needed it. Her mix of corporate knowledge and spiritual guidance was the right balance to help coach me back to where I wanted to be. I know that I can achieve anything when I have Gina in my corner.
Francesca Sieler

Marketing Director, Thought Clothing

Gina is a ray of sunshine. She is so unbelievably encouraging. I have worked with her for a few weeks now and I see such a positive difference in the way I am applying myself. This pandemic has not been easy for actors like myself, and with each week, with her encouragement, advice, support and guidance, my self belief in my capabilities has grown exponentially and now the opportunities are really coming in. I could not recommend working with Gina more.

Diana Vickers

Actress & Singer

For a long time, I found myself just coasting in my career.  As a mum of two young boys, I had gotten comfortable in my routine and role. I had been working a reduced hours working week, and enjoyed the flexibility and little stress it provided, while watching my children get older. I came across Gina, during my lunch break, where she was leading a call on ‘Imposter Syndrome’, and immediately this struck a cord. I loved the way Gina bought such topics across.  I started to question everything around me, which lead to start to look at self development. 
At the tale end of last year, I was also made redundant within my role in a Financial Services organisation.  I had been there a long time, and probably needed this nudge to try something new. I promised myself that when I found a role, I would look at coaching with Gina to help me to address the things holding me back, and how to progress in a fulfilling career.
Working with Gina has been an absolute pleasure.  While in my old role, I had attended several lunch time calls, covering a range of topics, so I had an idea about her style. The thing I love the most is that she focuses on you as a whole, and does not work in silos like many coaches do. So the focus is on the whole you, the career you, the home you and the spiritual you. The aim is to work on the person, so that they can take the best into all aspects of their lives. This is something I absolutely loved. 
Since working with Gina, I have experienced many changes, both in my “inner”self and my life.  I have experienced positive mindset shifts and learnt tools and techniques to help me conquer daily scenarios. In my personal life, the work I have been doing on my development has helped me to get a new role, and be able to set goals and boundaries to be able to succeed in the role.  The biggest breakthrough I have experienced is in my mindset shift, and I have learnt that fear is the root of all self doubt, and I continue to work on this. 
I would absolutely recommend Gina if you are looking for a coach.  It is an investment that you will not regret! She will work with you closely and tailor the sessions to what you want to achieve, whilst focusing on the whole you from all the levels.  The sessions are a safe space to cover anything you wish, while Gina continues to challenge your perceptions and views on things, in a positive way. 
I have absolutely loved working with Gina at the start of my journey, and will continue to come back to the teachings, tools and techniques she has taught me. 

Leader, Natwest Bank

Gina’s approach is both practical and deeply empathetic. She knows how to get you into action but in a way that feels authentic and in alignment. I worked with Gina as part of her 2021 Reset programme which was hugely insightful and provided me with a range of tools and teachings to work on myself personally as well as from a business perspective. Gina is extremely talented at what she does. Absoultely worth the investment and I would absolutely recomment her. If you are thinking about working with Gina, do it. you won’t regret it. 

Laura Miller

Founder and Owner, O' Best Beloved Inc.

I run a network for young women in the city and couldn’t have been happier when Gina agreed to conduct a workshop on overcoming imposter syndrome during International Women’s Week. Gina brings to her work such energy, positivity and inspiration, and the feedback I’ve received was absolutely fantastic. Gina draws on both spiritual and scientific research to tie it all together and her own experience meant she could easily relate to a lot of the barriers and fears that the women in my network have experienced, and continue to experience, in the corporate world. She provided us with some very valuable tools to help reframe the negative thoughts we maintain and challenge our existing beliefs. Gina is a real inspiration and I couldn’t recommend her more highly!

Francesca Elizabeth Smith

Founder & CEO, iBio

It’s really tough to write about my experience with Gina without sounding really over dramatic, but this year she guided me away from complete burnout, and helped me find the strength, belief, and strategy to hit some huge business goals under pressure. 

After two very tough family bereavements, an almighty health scare, and various other bumps, suddenly being faced with some big goals and targets in my life felt like a bridge too far for me. It was the first time in my life I’d questioned my ability to fight back. Gina was with me every step of the way, helping me identify my blocks, find my inner strength, and showing total love and sensitivity to me. 

She has the most incredible instinct and insight into the human condition, and has just the right balance of firmness with humility. She has the most beautiful energy that can’t help but lift you from wherever you are in your life. She is a constant support and I think I would be a very different position without having met her. Thank you for all you do Gina! 

Laurence Henry

Entrepreneur, Copy Writer & List Builder, Fast Response Copy Writing

I can’t believe it’s the end, it’s been an absolute blast. I can’t believe how grateful I am to have met you… Here are the teary words I managed to get our on our last session. And I mean Every. Single. Word. 

Thank you Gina for picking me up from the floor, dusting me off and bringing me back to life through your channeling of sparkles, empowerment and positive energy

Thank you for introducing me in a very pragmatic and intelligent way to a completely new paradigm.

Thank you for giving me a brighter bigger deeper understanding of myself and the wider universe.

Thank you for showing me how to love and care for my baby without fear and allowing me to break through the past.

Thank you for Introducing me to my ego.

Thank you for bringing such awareness to the power that I have to live a deep forgiving balanced and happy life full of love and appreciation.

And finally You say you’re just a mirror. But youre not. You’re a very skilled life coach and are gifted in what you do. So Thank you Gina it has been an absolute pleasure.

Fund Manager at a global insurance firm

Gina regularly hosts sold out virtual and in person live events for our AllBright community, during which we have discussed everything you need to know about creating a success mindset, authentic leadership, connecting to intuition, decision making and goal setting,  self-promotion, building your confidence, overcoming imposter syndrome, self doubt & fear, and setting boundaries.   The feedback for her events is always excellent.  

 Gina’s pragmatic, practical advice and motivational approach has been so helpful in supporting our members to fully own their power and step into their full leadership and entrepreneurial potential.

 We look forward to collaborating with Gina on future events, and we cannot recommend her enough.

Courtney Jane Griffith

Cultural & Programming Manager, The Allbright

I have been working with Gina since October 2020, so almost a year now.  I engaged the services of a coach because I really wanted to take my business to the next level and wanted to develop a strategy to move forward.  She really helped me to identify the fear and blocks which had been holding me back and really encouraged me to move through these and to step fully into my power. The greatest benefit so far that I have achieved since working with Gina, is overcoming my sense of imposter syndrome, as I moved out of the corporate world and into the world of entrepreneurship. Gina really encouraged me to step out of fear and into owning my truth as an entrepreneur. Gina really takes the time to get to know you and understand you and provides you with both practical and spiritual tools to manage your triggers, so that you keep on moving forwards. 
Gina is such a phenomenal coach. I really enjoy working with her, and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with her. 
Nichole Pitts

CEO & Founder, Ethintegrity

Gina is an incredible coach. She really is one of the best personal and career coaches that I have used during my career. I have been working as a lawyer in the City of London at various financial institutions for almost a decade and I have also been working in the well-being and fitness space for 6 years.  
I have used Gina’s service numerous times in order to help me deal with various challenges and moments of change in both my career and personal life, and every time I have worked with Gina, she has really helped me to look at things from a different perspective, she has helped me to tackle things in a way that I had not thought to do so before, and really empowered me to go after my goals fearlessly and to dispel any self-limiting beliefs. 
So, if you are facing a challenge, or feeling like you are at a bit of a cross roads in your career or personal like and you are looking for guidance, support and empowerment, then 100% encourage you to seek out Gina services and see how she can help you achieve your goals. I could not recommend working with her more highly. 
Lisa Ardley-Price

Managing Legal Counsel , Natwest Group

I worked with Gina for 3 months and I have seen a difference in the way that I approach things strategically.  What I really loved about Gina’s approach was her understanding of the corporate world, together with her incredible intuition and soul-led work. I truly believe that in order to have a full view of your current situation and an understanding of how to move forward, you need to understand this form different perspectives – and this is why I believe her advice, support and guidance was so valuable.  I adored Gina’s work so much that, I invited her to become a non-executive director of my company, Mumble Forum,  and during her 3 months in this role, she helped us strategize and monetise some aspects of the business.  I am forever grateful coming across Gina and the incredible work she does to empower women. She truly has a gift and I absolutely recommend working with her. 

Monique Vega Hodgson

CEO & Founder, Mumble Forum

Gina has an amazing way of showing you how to think in a completely new and totally empowering way. I went to Gina to explore a few specific things I wanted to improve and she ended up changing my life in every way! I have felt the benefits across all aspects of life from work, to home, to relationships, to myself.

This woman is gifted and my time with her was truly eye opening. The best part is she’s taught me a new way of living life that will stay with me forever now, I feel very privileged to have worked with her.


Investment Fund