The 2021 ResEt PROGRAMME



I have been bursting to share this programme with you!  The 2021 Reset is here: Your ultimate New Year reset to start creating the life that you desire and deserve!

2020 has not been easy but it need not be a year we forget.  We have been triggered, shook up, awakened. We have had to engage with the darkness and face our shadows. There has been so much to be learnt, all of it your springboard to expansion and there for your next level growth. And look how far you have come, you have almost made it through this year – maybe a little weary but you are here.  It is now time to take it to the next level.  Let’s integrate all that 2020 has shown you and taught you, let go of all that does not serve you, get you unstuck and into motivation and momentum so that you can truly start living a life of your design. Because it is all there, locked up inside you. You just have to claim it.  

Are you ready? Let’s do this! 

Welcome to the 2021 Reset

4 weeks of live teaching and group coaching with Gina Unterhalter, Intuitive Coach and Energy Expert.

I see you there.  You yearn for fulfilment. You yearn for wealth and success. And you know that you are destined for MORE.  You can feel it.  You deserve the absolute best from your career or business. You deserve a truly successful, happy and meaningful life. A life on your terms.

2020 may have knocked you off your perch. May have derailed your plans.  But it was all happening for a reason, to connect you with your capability, your power and purpose.  

I sense you are now ready to reset and step into all that you are here to be for a magnificent 2021 and beyond. It is all yours for the taking and in this incredible programme I will show you how to do it.  It is time to reignite your spark and let that fire burn in your belly!

Due to Covid 19 the majority of my work disappeared over night and like many I had moments of complete despair, not knowing what my next move was I experienced a whole host of unwanted past feelings and attachments that left me feeling unable to think clearly about my next steps and what the future looked like with this new landscape.

Having worked with Gina, my life has taken a dramatic turn, not only financially have I won new business, but I have won a new sense of freedom with being able to understand myself better and to manage my anxiety and stress.

I will forever feel grateful for Gina as I could not imagine what Quarter 3 and 4 would have looked like without her, it’s an investment in myself that I have never taken the time for before this and you will not regret taking that leap of faith.

Simon Michael Carroll

Talent Relations & Brand Strategists

What’s included

4 LIVE weekly workshops taught by Gina

Journal prompts and coaching exercises to be completed in between each session

Guided visualisations and meditations

All calls are taught live and also recorded so you can have FOREVER access to them. I encourage you to keep revisiting as you will get something different each time.

The calls will take place at the following times:

LESSON 1: 12pm – 1pm 30 Nov

LESSON 2: 12pm – 1pm  7  Dec

LESSON 3: 12pm – 1pm  14 Dec

LESSON 4: 12pm – 1.30pm  21 Dec 

[LESSON 4: 1 hr lesson and 30 minute Q&A to ask me any questions from any point in the programme] 

Who is this for?

√  You want to unlock your full potential and step into 2021 feeling empowered, motivated, calm and confident

√  You are so over feeling stuck, done with limiting yourself, and playing victim of circumstances

√  You are ready to take radical responsibility for your worth and your life. You are done with playing small

√  You are ready to shake the pain, fatigue and monotony of 2020 – and let go of all that does not serve you

√  You know that 2020 has been hard but there have been so many life lessons which you are ready to integrate, learn and grow from

√  You are ready to learn about the true energy of money and wealth consciousness

√  You want to feel secure and confident in who you are and what you have to offer the world

√  You know that 2021 is your year. You know that you deserve and are destined for MORE. And you want someone who will show you how to do all of this with next level aligned action

Gina brought me back to my best at a time I felt I lost confidence in myself. Not only did she give me outstanding professional support on all aspects of my career progress but she also gave me unconditional advice and positivity when I needed it. Her mix of corporate knowledge and spiritual guidance was the right balance to help coach me back to where I wanted to be. I know that I can achieve anything when I have Gina in my corner.

Francesca Sieler

Marketing Director

Investment – £555

Early bird offer if you pay in full by midnight Tuesday 24 November 2020: In addition to the 4 group coaching workshops you will receive a 1 hour 1-1 Zoom coaching session with me (plus audio of our session), which may be used anytime up until and including Friday 29 January and during which you can discuss anything you like from life, career, business or spiritual issues and support.

Please contact me to book in early to ensure you get your desired slot.

The usual investment in a standalone 1-1 1-hour session with me is £500 so this is really phenomenal value! 

Payment plan available.

What is covered?

[Please note that content may shift between the sessions as I feel called to deliver what I think will serve you best]

Lesson 1 – The Desire, the Lessons and the Blocks

  • Integrate life lessons of 2020
  • Connect in with your soul desires and lock in those desires, so that they become your reality
  • Create your I AM statements and connect to your higher self / the future you
  • Alchemise and shift the fear, resistance, blocks and stories which keep you stuck and tell you that you cannot have a life of your design, so that these become your springboard to expansion and next level growth. We will explore both practical and spiritual tools to do this.
  • Learn how to overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome so that you develop rock solid self-belief and confidence
  • Learn how to stand in your power and set non-negotiable boundaries

Lesson 2 – The Science

  • Learn how to think for success, overcome limiting beliefs and subconscious self-sabotage
  • Learn how to set fail-proof goals and how to stay motivated and resilient in order to achieve them
  • Learn how to harness the brain’s resources so you don’t miss out on life changing opportunities
  • Learn how to make good goal orientated and aligned decisions

Lesson 3 – The Magic

  • Learn the key principles of co-creating and manifesting (including the art of surrender and letting go)
  • Learn how to create your ideal future
  • Learn how to master your feelings and energetic vibration
  • Learn the importance of creating the space in order to receive creative downloads and inspiration
  • Learn why the timing around taking inspired action is so important
  • Learn how to know yourself, connect in with your intuition and trust your gut

Lesson 4 – The Money

  • Remove money blocks (or limiting money beliefs) and emotional triggers around money, creating a new, empowering money story so that you can confidently own your worth setting you up to make more money
  • Learn about the energy of money and the energetic principles of creating wealth and abundance
  • Learn about the power of your breath when it comes to making and receiving money
  • Learn how to attune to the energetic frequency of money and expand energetically to receive more

The Numerology

In numerology, the year 2021 deduces to the number 5. The archetype connected to the 5 is the Teacher. The “energy body” the 5 is connected to is the Physical Body, our flesh and bones, and the Chakra, the Throat Chakra.

So, 2021 is all about integrating life lessons learnt – and there have been a few in 2020 – coming back to ourselves, reflecting, resetting, speaking our truth and physically taking the inspired action.   Will you join me for your ultimate reset? The energy of 2021 is behind you to make this one your year, if you choose!

Gina is a ray of sunshine. She is so unbelievably encouraging. I have worked with her for a few weeks now and I see such a positive difference in the way I am applying myself. This pandemic has not been easy for actors like myself, and with each week, with her encouragement, advice, support and guidance, my self belief in my capabilities has grown exponentially and now the opportunities are really coming in. I could not recommend working with Gina more.

Diana Vickers

Actress & Singer

I want you to understand that you are more than “enough”.

You are worthy.

Feeling the fear, self-doubt or imposter – syndrome is actually your internal call to action to discover and become your true self and OWN it.

It is a signal of your desire to succeed, learn and grow, to explore your capabilities, to gain new skills, perspective, confidence and resilience. 

Success, your way, is inside of you and you have everything required to unlock it, claim it, and stand in your truth.

THIS is the key to a fulfilled life of authenticity, contribution, impact, prosperity and authority.