“An excellent and thought-provoking session.

You are an inspiring individual”

As a regular speaker and workshop host at the prestigious Allbright Club in London I connect with people all over the world and share the secrets of creating a successful mindset.

I have also previously spoken for corporate Women’s Networks, such as The Royal Bank of Scotland / Natwest Bank / Coutts / Lombard.

Here are some topics that I regularly teach: 

 ✓ Secrets of creating a success mindset: Overcoming limiting belief and unconscious self-sabotage (with an explanation of the underlying key psychological principles)

 ✓ Creating the mindset of a Successful Female Leader

 ✓ How to connect with your purpose, think for success and set fail-proof goals

 ✓ How to overcome fear, self-doubt and imposter syndrome for good

 ✓ Understanding the science behind manifesting and an abundance mindset: Harnessing the brain’s capabilities so you don’t miss out on life changing opportunities

 Strategies and techniques for dealing with someone who you perceive is “more than” you (more famous, more successful, more senior, wealthier etc)

 Confidence and resilience building for women

Understanding universal energies, harnessing that power and using Tantric Numerology to achieve self-actualisation

How to tune in to your intuition and always make great goal orientated decisions

Please contact me to discuss your needs in more detail. 

Bespoke workshops available upon request. 

What some workshop participants have said:

Gina delivered a wonderful workshop session to the RBS Women network on having a ‘Success Mindset’. Drawing on both neuroscientific research and a keen appreciation of the challenges that people face in the day to day working environment, the session challenged people’s beliefs in themselves and in their ambitions, providing practical tools to commence a metamorphosis. It was clear to all in the room that Gina is both experienced and knowledgeable and her confident and approachable delivery made the event a tremendous success for which we have received a lot of positive member feedback. Thank you Gina for delivering such an inspirational workshop! Helen Thernstrom – Chair of the RBS Women Committee / Head of Legal Asset & Invoice Finance at RBS

“So practical. So logical. You simplified all the muddle in my head and now I feel like I have a plan to move forward with my goals and achieve them.”

“Thank you so much for your workshop today.  You provided some amazing tips and I can’t wait to put into practice”

“I had some huge breakthrough moments during your session, Gina. Thank you. I now feel that I can move forward confidently to pursue the next step in my career.”

“Thank you so much Gina – you have now provided me with the motivation I need to connect with my purpose and own it.”

“Your webinar was the tonic that I needed. So inspiring. You are a genius.”

“Thank you so much for the webinar – absolutely amazing and just what I needed to keep me in a positive mindset right now away from scarcity and fear.”

“You are such an inspiring and knowledgeable speaker. Thank you for the motivation”