Gina Unterhalter

Expert Mindset Mentor | Strategic Thought Partner

Spiritual Pragmatist | Life, career, business coach 

Speaker | Psychologist

Hi, I’m Gina

I am on a mission to support and empower the founders and leaders of the future. I am on a mission to empower YOU.

I want to shake up the way you do life by transforming your mindset and the way you see the world, to connect you with your purpose and to ensure you stand in your power and own it.

I want you to discover the power of you!

I combine my experience as a psychologist, business NLP practitioner, and certified coach with my 10 years of corporate world and legal experience alongside my intuitive gift to create a truly remarkable transformation.  

It is using this combination that allows me to see straight through a client’s blocks / limiting beliefs and tap into the core of their problems, getting them to overcome these and to implement a strategic plan to move forward to achieve their goals with ease and success!

Gina Unterhalter

It has been fantastic to have a sounding board, someone who doesn’t judge but who challenges you to stretch for those goals that you should be setting yourself. Her depth of experience not only as a coach but also as a strong female executive means you are talking to an equal and someone who understands where you are coming from. 

Ella de Beer

Director, Electric Mayonnaise

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I want to get to know you. Let’s help you achieve the next level of success in your life, career or business.

I would love to hear from you!

 Working with Gina over a 6 week period was illuminating and propelled me forwards in a really positive way. She pushed me out of my comfort zone through our discussions and gave me practical tools to work on my personal confidence and business goals. As a result I have developed a clear path forward for my business, made focused plans for achieving my life goals and can honestly say I’ve overcome the mum guilt and imposter syndrome.

Helen Shellabear (MRICS)

Director, Shellwin Limited

My Services:

Learn the powerful tools and techniques to implement a strategy that transforms your mindset and reclaims your authority of your life, your career or your business.

Short cut the self-reflection process, identify your purpose and connect with your unique life blueprint, core gifts and strengths with a Numerology Reading.

Workshops & Keynote Speaking that inspire. I connect and help people all over the world and share the secrets of creating a successful mindset.

Working Partnerships include:

Remember, you are always in control of your reality, you are in control of your destiny, you are in control of YOU!

I decided to work with Gina at a moment where I felt stuck in my career path. I knew I had fallen victim to limiting beliefs, but did not know how to push past – however, I could feel this was simply an obstacle that could be overcome with the right help.I have known Gina for over 10 years, working in the same industry and having seen her advance in her career and grow as a specialist solicitor working for the biggest law firms in the world. I have always admired her infectious positive energy and can-do attitude to all life has thrown at her, and seen her turn all obstacles into successes. I wanted some of that for myself. Sharing her wisdom is something Gina has always done generously with the women around her, as a friend, but I wanted the full power of her expertise. Knowing that Gina has studied Experimental Psychology before her law studies gave me assurance that the service I would receive is rigorous and backed by science.

Gina is a fantastic coach, able to identify and understand issues, listen attentively and then challenge in a way that pushes one beyond what they thought possible. My biggest breakthrough has been controlling negative self-talk and turning it into positive self-talk. Realising that I have all the tools I need for my success within me has been incredibly empowering and something I continue to apply and benefit from after the end of our sessions. She gave me tools that continue to grow the more I use them. 

I recommend Gina wholeheartedly to anyone wishing to push past certain perceived barriers in their professional or personal lives. 

Maria Petrea

Senior In-House Legal Counsel